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2017 Reunion Updates

1 March 2017

The next 2017 reunion update with the DESA registration details and forms will be available and posted here when they are published in the Spring edition of the DESA News Letter, which should be out in late May.



 January 26, 2017

For shipmate planning purposes, the 2017 Newport Dealeys / DESA reunion dates are:


Sunday ........Sept. 3, 2017  Early registration, DESA ship store open, No activities.

Monday ......Sept. 4 (Labor Day)  Registration, Welcome reception. (Possible tour, to be determined)

Tuesday ......Sept. 5, Reunion activities, planning in process.

Wednesday .Sept. 6, Reunion activities, planning in  process.

Thursday .....Sept. 7, AM  Memorial Service aboard the USS Slater, Evening Banquet

Friday .........Sept. 8 Checkout and good bys.



 Update 21 January, 2017


Dear Newport Dealeys Shipmates                                                         


 Our 2017 Newport Dealeys reunion location has been changed to Albany NY, Sept 4-8, 2017 and will run with the Destroyer Escort Sailors Association (DESA) convention at the Radisson Hotel Albany NY.  

Our reunion committee was notified in mid December that our reunion coordinators, Premier Reunion Services (MLRS) had made a business decision to cease operations and close their doors permanently on Dec. 2, 2016, due to a lack of new business and lower reunion attendances (not us).  Larry told me they made the decision rather quickly and during a time frame that was between reunion seasons as to minimize the  effect on reunion bookings in progress. He also thanked us for our business and friendship, wished us the best and would be available for consultation any time. As a result of this loss of a reunion coordinator, the Newport Dealeys 2017 reunion in Charleston SC and 2018 reunion in Harrisburg PA scheduled by Premier Reunion Services, has been cancelled.

 We have worked closely with MLRS for the last 18 years but realizing we do not possess the needed knowledge required of a reunion coordinator, we began an active search for a replacement company.

Our reunion committee has been in constant communication since, researching the internet and making phone calls to see if a replacement reunion coordinating company could be located. To our disappointment, Larry and Brenda's company provided a unique one stop service that doesn't seem to be available anywhere else. The companies that do provide reunion services (and we talked to many of them) are basically booking agents that will set up hotel and tour reservations but we would have to do a lot of the organizing and onsite interface work that MLRS performed for us or pay someone to do it.  ...  NOT FOR ME.

Recognizing if we were to have a 2017 reunion, time was of the essence for advanced hotel negotiations and block reservations; but due to this late notification,  we did not have that advantage. The reunion committee decide that a more viable option for this year was to accept a DESA invitation to attend their convention in Albany NY on Labor Day week (Sept 4 to the 8, 2017) under the Newport Dealeys banner which would include our own hospitality room and banquet seating arrangements, while taking advantage of their hotel negotiated prices, reunion schedules, coordinators, tours, entertainment, meals and banquet facilities. This setup, which is somewhat different than we are used to, seemed to be the best option overall for a successful reunion this year. It would at least give us the opportunity to meet in a group again and decide on the future of the Newport Dealeys. Further details and updates will be published in the February and May issues of the DESA News Letter and on our web site as they become known.

Please share this information with all your Newport Dealeys shipmate contacts
. ... Spread the word.

Shipmates Forever

Marc Arsenault
98 Oxbow Rd.

Charlton MA 01507
Tel 508 248 5072