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Newport Dealeys 2010 Reunion Mobile AL.

Chairman Ron Bauer
USS Cromwell


Marriott Hotel
Mobile AL


Early Arrivals
Richard Legg and Harry Davis
Checking In


Marc Arsenault, Harry Davis, Charlie Holzschuh
and Richard Legg touring the Austil Ship Yard
and the new Coronado LCS-4  construction


2010 Reunion Chairman Ron Bauer
USS Cromwell addressing the guests


USS Alabama BB-60


Kathy Arsenault with the USS Alabama Bell


Marc Arsenault With Col.Glenn D. Frazier
former Japanese POW and author of his book
Hell's Guest


Bill and Marcia Price


Bathing Beauties


Marcia and Bill Price with Carl Albritton



Garnet Stum, Bruce Whitney and
Warren Long


Chairman Ron Bauer and Linda
with Edith Kitchen


Talmage and Linda Murphy with Oravetz Miles


Mike and Beverly Upchurch with Evelyn Csizmadia


Charlie (Shoe) and Norma Holzschuch
with Evelyn Csizmadia


Bill McColl with Phil and Gail Passler


Mary Long, Ruth Whitney and Doris Stum


Chairman Ron Bauer and Marc Arsenault
going over the schedule


Carl Albritton with Joe and Mary Disabella


Kathy, Linda, Edith and Lee 


Admiral Roy Hoffmann and Mary Linn with
daughters Cecile Gorham and Halarie Hanson


Mary Linn Hoffmann and Don Shields


Chief Richard Legg
USS Hartley / USS Joseph K Taussig


Chairman Ron Bauer
talking on the historical highlights of
Mobile Alabama 


Couples taking part in the Oldies Newly-Wed game


The winners
Edith and Bob Kitchen


Bellingrath Gardens


Mike and Beverly Upchurch
USS Van Voorhis


Joe and Mary Disabella
USS Dealey


Steve Kittle and Ron Bauer on the shore
of the Fowle River


Larry Percival
USS Cromwell


(formally Ingalls Shipyard)
Pascagoula MIssissippi


Phil and Gail Passler
USS Dealey


Harry and Karen Davis
USS Van Voorhis


Wilbert McCartney USS Hartley
Talking about his experiences in the engine room
during the collision in 1964


Reunion organizers Larry and Brenda Eckard
of Military Locators and Reunion Services
with Admiral Roy Hoffmann

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2010 Reunion Review
Mobile AL
On September 30 to
October 3, 2010, 59 Newport Dealeys shipmates and guests traveled to Mobile for our12th annual reunion. The setting was the Marriott Airport Hotel. Due to a variety of reasons, it was one of our smaller gatherings, however, the lower attendance did not diminish the enthusiasm of the attendees. The weather was refreshing as a cool front cleared out the high humidity that hung over the area the day before. Our reunion coordinators, Military Locators, had planned a full itinerary for the weekend. Several early arrivals gathered Thursday morning for a tour of the AUSTAL shipyard in Mobile to witness the construction of a new US Navy LCS ship USS Coronado (the Pirate Catcher). The official check-in began at noon Thursday, with the hospitality room now open, it soon became a warm and friendly re-acquaintance of former shipmates. Ron Bauer (USS Cromwell), our 2010 reunion chairman, welcomed the attendees with several humorous short stories and facts on the history of Mobile Bay and the State of Alabama
The Friday tour took the group to Mobile Military Park and the Battleship Alabama with a lunch on board, followed with a short bus tour of the city of Mobile. The business meeting followed the return. Earlier, the Newport Dealeys reunion committee had voted to change the manner in which future reunion locations were to be selected. The committee decided to provide three known acceptable cities to the business meeting to vote on. These locations will have been researched and discussed prior to the meeting to insure the best chances for successful future reunions.The following cities were presented for the 2012 reunion consideration. Warwick RI, Harrisburg PA and Portland MEPortland ME was the preference with the thoughts of clambakes and lobster fests.  After evening dinner Marc Arsenault provided a visual presentation of last years reunion, including Newport Dealeys historical artifacts update, offshore built Dealey class ships and a review of the USS Hartley collision, in anticipation of a short related experience address on Saturday evening by a former USS Hartley shipmate, Wilbert McCartney who was below decks when the collision occurred. Charlie Hammock (USS John Willis) provided us with an update on Mrs. Willis’s health which he described as weak but stable. Following the presentation, Richard Legg (USS Hartley / USS Joseph K Taussig) organized and provided us with lots of fun and laughter for the remainder of the evening with his version of the Oldies Newly Wed game. Ron Bauer provided Mobile (Go Coastal) yellow tee shirts as prizes to the winners Bob and Edith Kitchen.
Saturday morning we were off to Bellingraph Gardens, the former home of Walter Bellingraph who was the president of Mobile’s Coca Cola bottling plant and his wife Bessie Mae. The 65 acre estate is located on the shores of the Fowl River and graced with exotic plants, flowers, walkways and ponds on the property. Following lunch we once again boarded the bus for a tour of the Northrup-Grumann (formally Ingalls) shipyard in Pascagoula MS. The guided bus tour took us along the docks and through the sub assembly fabrication areas. There were several US Navy ships under construction along with a US Coast Guard cutter. Unfortunately, due to security reasons we could not take photos to document the visit.   Following the Saturday evening banquet, Wilbert McCartney shared his USS Hartley collision below decks experience with us. Marc Arsenault and Ron Bauer then proceeded to conduct our traditional Newport Dealeys door prize raffle. Ray Blazak ( USS Van Voorhis) and Bruce Whitney (USS Joseph K. Taussig) won the Newport Dealeys laser cut wooden insignia plaques. Marc Arsenault announced that if anyone was interested in purchasing one of these plaques we could put in an additional order for $60 each. Beverly Upchurch (wife of Michael Upchurch USS Van Voorhis) won the porthole clock.Several hours of socializing and dancing to the DJ took us to lights out.
The Sunday morning memorial service reflected the lost of more of our shipmates including Robert Uhl (USS Hartley plank owner) who passed away two days before the reunion. Robert last attended our 2007 reunion, at our 2005 reunion in Jacksonville FL and he met Capt. Bejarano from the Colombian Navy who previously served the ARC Boyaca DE 16 (formally USS Hartley). Capt. Bejarano was on the ARC Boyaca decommissioning crew. Photos were taken of the first and the last sailors to man the USS Hartley / ARC Boyaca. Chairman Ron Bauer then dismissed the crew and ordered them to reassemble in Buffalo NY
in the fall of 2011.
Marc Arsenault
Web Master


Admiral Roy Hoffmann with the girls

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