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Newport Dealeys 2001 Reunion Norfolk VA

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Chairman Bob Kitchen
USS Lester


Admiral Harry Fiske and
Chairman Bob Kitchen


USS Cromwell Shipmates


USS Dealey Shipmates


USS Lester Shipmates


Oral Amundson and Marc Arsenault


Jim and Kay Moore
USS Van Voorhis


Dean and Kathy Hoover aboard
the USS Wisconsin BB-64


Dean Hoover and Bob Litza


John and Frances Higgins with Dean Hoover


Williamsburg VA


David Howard and Rosemary Waltos
USS Cromwell


Ray and Irene Provost
USS Lester


John and Frances Higgins
USS Hartley


Norfolk Harbor


Dean and Kathy Hoover
USS Hartley / USS Van Voorhis


IF the hat fits buy it!!


Nauticus complex Norfolk VA


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Newport Dealeys

Chairman’s Message
Dear fellow Shipmates: The 2001 Norfolk reunion was the best yet. The Norfolk Airport Hilton was the host facility for our third reunion of the nine ships. We had a total of 126 shipmates and guests. We conducted our business meeting on Saturday afternoon and the attendees reaffirmed Charleston SC as the choice for the 2002 reunion with John Fry, USS Hartley as chairman and Military Locators and Reunion Services of Hickory NC as the organizer.  Lancaster PA was selected as the choice of the majority for the 2003 reunion with Bob Kitchen as chairman.  The dates and location for our Newport Dealeys 2002 reunion are now set. The Radison North Charleston SC has been booked for the weekend of the 26th – 29th of September. 2002. Invitations will be mailed out in mid June. We have now over 900 shipmates on our list and it’s still growing.  Our Newport Dealeys web site will be under going a major change in the near future. As we announced at the 2001 reunion, Allen Lloyd, our present site master, has informed us that due to the sites popularity and growth, he can no longer continuously maintain the site at the level of complexity it requires. He suggested that we consider retaining a larger web site location and a professional web service to take it from here. Bob Kitchen has taken on the task and is working with a web site programmer to create a larger and more flexible domain. He reports that it should be up and running soon and within budget. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you all in Charleston

Bob Kitchen
USS Lester


Williamsburg VA


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