CORTRON 8-10-14




........Cortron 10........

1958-60 CDR W. Bradway
1960-61 CDR R. Byer
1961-62 CDR F. Mckenzie
1962-63 CDR W. Homer
1963-64 CDR R. Pettit
1964-65 CDR R. Allen
1965-66 CDR W. Mayer
1966-68 CDR O.K. Hallam
1968-69 CDR W. Read
1969-71 CDR G. Church
1971-72 CDR E. Siska


........Cortron 14........

1958-60 CDR M. Werth
1960-60 CDR P. Armstrong
1960-61 CDR S. Watson
1961-62 CDR A. Herron
1962-62 CDR W. Homer


........Cortron 8.........

1964-65 CDR T. Booker
1965-66 CDR D. Ansel
1966-68 CDR R. Nickolson
1968-70 CDR D. Pauly
1970-71 CDR D. Crawley
1971-72 CDR R. Donnelly
1972-73 CDR V. Snyder


This list contains information on the Cortron 8-10-14 commanders and staff that have reported in or were referred to us by others. For corrections or additional address information please contact: Webmaster:

Last Update 24 July 2015

Anderson Capt. CHC USN (Ret) Kevin LT CORTRON 8 1970-72 Jacksonville NC
Anderson RMC USN (Ret)Edwin RMC CORTRON 10 1956-58 Annandale VA
Cortese CW4 USN (Ret) Anthony YN1 CORTRON 1969-70 Livingston TX
Bennett Francis RMCM 1968-73 Homosassa FL
Crum Charles QM1 CORTRON 14 1959-60 Spring Hill FL
Graff Donald Capt USN (Ret)1959-60 Cortron 10 Staff Lusby MD
Harmon SMC USN (Ret) Pat SMC CORTRON 10 1954-55 Portsmouth RI
Honigman CAPT USN (Ret) Joseph MD CORTRON 10 1963-64 Jacksonville FL (Deceased 3-10-15)
Hull Brice RMCM Cortron 14 1960-62 Cortron 10 1962-63 Wenatchee WA
Kendrick Dennis (Goldstein)CW04 USN (Ret)Cortron 10 RMCS 1970-72 Highlands Ranch CO
LeMasters Clarence Chaplain CORTRON 14 1961-62 Lakeland FL
Lysaker LCDR USN (Ret) Jack LT CORTRON STAFF 1970-71 Deceased 18 Nov 2005
McKenzie Frank Capt. USN (Ret) CO Cortron 10 1961-62 Mclean VA (Deceased 1 Jan 2015)
McNamara John CORTRON 8 1965-68 Exton PA
Moredock William Capt USN (Ret) Cortron 10 Staff 1961 Jacksonville FL
Patience CDR (USN Ret) Wesley OPS CORTRON 8 1967 Chelmsford MA
Petroni W-4 USN(Ret)David YN1 CORTRON 8 Concord CA
Read William VADM USN (Ret) CO Cortron 10 1968-69 Easton MD (Deceased Jan 07)
Savino Ron LT USN(Ret) YN1 Cortron 10 1970-71 Alexandria VA
Werth Capt. USN(Ret)Maury CO CORTRON 14 1958-60 Williamsport MD (Deceased 19 Jan. 2008) 
Young LCDR USN (Ret)Ken CORTRON 10 Jacksonville FL



Commander Maury Werth
Cortron 14 1959

Ship Call Signs

USS Dealey (DE 1006)
Fall River
USS Cromwell (DE1014)
West Haven
USS Hammerberg (DE 1015)
College City
USS Courtney (DE 1021)
Utah Lake
USS Lester (DE1022)
USS John Willis (DE 1027)
Kansas City
USS Van Voorhis (DE1028)
Twin Grove
USS Hartley (DE 1029)
Turner Town
USS J K Taussig (DE 1030)
Bishops Hill


Cortron 14 Office Door Plate 
Courtesy of
Charles Persons
USS Van Voorhis 1961-63



Cortron 14 Commander
Parker Armstrong
aboard the USS Van Voorhis
May 1960


Cortron 10 Commander
Abaord the USS Courtney
Capt. R Pettit


Cortron 8
Change of Command aboard
the USS Courtney
CMD V Snyder



CMD R. Pettitt Cortron 10 1963-64