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Newport Dealeys 2009 Reunion Norfolk VA

Chairman Jerry Skorch
USS Joseph K Taussig


Shipmates Checking In


Pat and Bob Litza with Jo Lynn Landers
First Landing Cape Henry Virginia


Marc Arsenault on the decks
of the USS Wisconson BB 64


It was a windy and rainy day in the Norfolk area


JoLynn Landers
enjoying the bucket weather


 Back to shore
Kathy Arsenault followed by Don Shields


Commanding Officers Building Norfolk
Home of the USS Cromwell Bell


Joe Csizmadia and Larry Percival
with the USS Cromwell Bell


Reunion Chairman Jerry Skorch


Larry and Nina Percival
USS Cromwell


Charlie(Shoe) and Norma Holzschuh
USS Hartley


Bill Haman USS Joseph K Taussig with
Don Shields USS Lester


Bob Litza and Sandy Skorch


Bob Epps, Bill McColl and Dick Soltis


Bob and Judy Epps
USS Courtney


Phil and Gail Passler
USS Dealey


Bill McColl and Bill Price
USS Dealey


Al and Claudette Bardsley
USS Van Voorhis


Three Amigos  
Present and former chairmen
Bob Kitchen, Marc Arsenault and Jerry Skorch


Barbara and Richard Soltis
USS John Willis


Bob and Edith Kitchen
USS Lester


Ron Bauer, Roy and Mary Linn Hoffmann
USS Cromwell


Skip and Martha Urbati
USS Lester


Jo Lynn and Larry Lander with Ann Bruckmoser


Mary Linn Hoffmann and Bob Litza


Mariners Museum Portmouth VA


Litzas and Arsenaults
exploring the Mariners Museum


Bob Litza with a model of the USS Monitor's gun turret 
as it was found underwater


The USS Monitor's cannon undergoing restoration treatments


Exploring the top side deck of the
full scale replica of the USS Monitor


Bob Litza on the bottom side of the USS Monitor replica


Marc, Jerry and Ron chat with guest speaker
CDR Kurt Mondlak XO of the USS Mahan


Judy Epps and Sandy Skorch


Kathy Arsenault and Karen Davis


Bob and Pat Litza
USS John Willis


Jim Perkins and Gail Cleere
USS John Willis


Don Shields with Ann and Lou Bruckmoser


Rich and Lee Legg with Gerald and Linda Bowen


Karl and Diane Petersen
USS Van Voorhis


Steve Kittle and Wilbert McCartney


Guest Speaker 
CDR Kurt Mondlak
XO USS Mahan


Newport Dealeys traditional
Sunday morning Memorial Service
USS Cromwell presiding

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 Veteran Brothers,   
Can you believe that the eleventh reunion of the Newport Dealeys is already behind us?  First there was Seekonk MA, then Lake George NY, Norfolk VA, Charleston SC, Lancaster PA, Newport RI, Jacksonville FL, Baltimore MD, Philadelphia PA, Nashville TN and now back to Norfolk VA in 2009.  I don’t know how you feel, but you all have become family to me and Sandy. We look forward to being with you for this short time every year. Chairing the reunions doesn’t leave much time for visiting, darn-it, although I did have so much fun and memories doing the job!  Most of us registered on Thursday, September 24th, at the Norfolk Airport Hilton, once again, just as we had done the first time in 2001 after the Towers were hit. Of course, 2009 was a much, much happier reunion. We were actually able to tour the largest naval base in the world both from land and the sea. The cooler, rainy, windy tour didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits, as there was plentiful laughing going on in that “good company” and it did remind us of our long past Navy days off Newport RI.
A highlight of the base tour was a scheduled (but not publicized) stop at the base Commanding Officers building to view the ship’s bell of the USS Cromwell. Many USS Cromwell shipmates took advantage of this photo-op to gather and pose around the bell.   
Friday’s dinner proved to be informative, when Bill Dudley, a former LTJG onboard the USS Cromwell, brought us up to date on a new memorial to the US Navy placed on
Utah Beach in Normandy France. Bill enlightened us of the dedicated efforts and fund-raising it took to get the US Navy to be finally recognized for its roll in the D-day invasion,
  A door prize raffle, which lucky attendees received some great gifts, provided us with lots of fun. The raffle was followed by a presentation by Marc Arsenault. He informed us of his investigative findings and the locations of some of the Newport Dealeys ships’ artifacts such as anchors, bells and other ship memorabilia that survived a bygone era and are now on public display.  Next year’s chairman, Ron Bauer, presented a sneak-peek into Mobile, AL for 2010.  
Saturday provided an historic look at early
America through Williamsburg VA plus the fascinating tour of the Mariners’ Museum and the Monitor exhibit, which is a tour in itself! The exhausted group managed to snap-to-it with clean faces for the photos before dinner and the wonderful speaker, LT. CDR. Kurt Mondlak, XO of the USS MAHAN DDG-72 accompanied by his wife Brittiany. He brought us up-to-date on today’s comprehensive & technical & tactical Naval Operations in the Middle East and throughout the world through his personal experience and inspirational slideshow. Makes one proud of our volunteer forces, doesn’t it? DJ Paul Bell got us up to dance the rest of the night.
Ron Bauer led the USS Cromwell Crew in our Sunday Morning Memorial Service just as solemn as it always was and should always be to tribute our fallen comrades. Saying goodbye is never easy but we look forward to some Southern Hospitality in Mobile 2010.
God bless you all with Fair Winds and Calm Seas.
Shipmates Forever 
Jerry Skorch USS Joseph K Taussig
Newport Dealeys 2009 Norfolk Reunion Chairman


Norfolk Naval Fleet

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