Last update 18 September 2012

Newport Dealeys 2012 Reunion Portland ME

Chairman Chief Richard Legg
USS Hartley/USS Joseph K Taussig


Newport Dealeys 2012 Reunion
Doubletree Hotel
South Portland ME


2012 Reunion Chairman
Chief Richard Legg at the
Registration Desk


Hospitality Room
Early arrivals catching up


Hospitality Room
Larry Percival and Joe Csizmadia
USS Cromwell


Hospitality Room
Early arrivals


Chairman Richard Legg hosting the 
Oldie Newly Wed Game
Thursday Evening


Oldie Newly Wed Game
Thursday Evening


Hospitality Room After Hours


Shipmates After Hours


Floating Dry Dock
Bath Iron Works
Bath ME


Lou Bruckmoser USS Hartley
 Maritime Museum


Jerry Skorch and Bill McColl
Commenting on the Old and New Navy
Friday Evening


Harry and Karen Davis visit with shipmate

Ben Minichino USS Van Voorhis
After Hours Friday Evening


Jerry and Sandy Skorch

USS Joseph K Taussig
Touring Nubble Light York ME


Andrew Antonucci
USS Dealey
Piping Dinner
Saturday Evening Banquet



Jerry Skorch USS Joseph K Taussig
Explaining the rememberance of the Missing Man Table
Saturday Evening



Michael and Beverly Upchurch
USS Van Voorhis


Admiral Roy Hoffmann and Mary Linn
USS Cromwell


Chairman Richard Legg with
Past Chairmen
Marc Arsenault and Jerry Skorch


Barbara Soltis with framed etching
by Jerry Skorch


Donna and Bill Buchanan
USS Lester


Ray and Ginny Hammock
USS John Willis


Bud and Susan Harlow
USS John Willis


Tom Hennessy with son Michael
USS Hartley


Harry and Karen Davis
USS Van Voorhis


Chairman Rich and Lee Legg
USS Hartley / USS Joseph K Taussig


Skip and Martha Urbati
USS Lester


Raymond and Catherine Dunlap
USS Lester


Michael Hennessy, Laurie Carlotti and Tom Walsh
USS Dealey


Edward O'Neil, Anthony Capon,
with Stephen and Mary Navaretta
USS John Willis


Stephen Navaretta, David and Nancy Gondak
with Stephen Melnikoff
USS John Willis


Stephen Meinikoff, Jim and Pat Cruickshank
with Edie Garrison
USS John Willis


Jim Deyo, Joe and Evelyn Csizmadia
with Cecile Gorham
USS Cromwell


Joann and Jim Deyo
USS Cromwell


Larry Eckard MLRS
with challange coin gift


Barbara Soltis
Widow of Richard Soltis USS John Willis


Phil and Gail Passler with Mary Disabelle
USS Dealey


Sunday Morning
 Memorial Service


Newport Dealeys Hospitality Room Displays

Newport Dealeys
2012 Annual
 The Hilton Double Tree Hotel located in South Portland ME was the assigned location for our 14th Newport Dealeys annual reunion. On September 6-9, with an excellent fall weather forecast, 90 shipmates and guests arrived and engaged with friendly greetings for the four day event. The welcome reception included the Pledge of Allegiance, general announcements, the naming of the host ship, the USS Van Voorhis and a short list of historical facts of the Portland ME area.
Following the evening dinner, Chairman Richard Legg hosted a performance of the Oldie, Newly Wed game in the hospitality room. Joe and Evelyn Csizmadia, USS Cromwell achieved the high score.
Friday’s tour began shortly after breakfast and took the group to Bath ME for a visit to the Maritime Museum and a tour of the Bath Iron Works which was the birth place of three of our ships, the USS Dealey, USS Cromwell, and USS Hammerberg. A box lunch and a cruise on the Kennebec River, completed the tour of the area. For those that didn’t take the tour, the hospitality room was the general gathering location. Jim Hunt, USS Courtney displayed a model he built of the USS Courtney for all of us to enjoy. At our business meeting, the attendees voted for New London CT as the location for our 2014 reunion.   Our post dinner evening saw more Newport Dealeys generated entertainment, which included Jerry Skorch and Bill McColl comparing notes between the “Old Navy” and the “New Navy”, then followed by Richard Legg’s presentation of Newport Dealey Sailors “Then and Now”. This photo presentation included projecting old shipmate Navy photos to a screen where we tried to guess who they were today, followed by the now photos for comparison which provided us with many chuckles and laughs.  Saturday’s tour took us to the city of Portland, the areas along the Maine Coast to Portland Head Light House, Kennebunkport and the Trolley Museum.
The Saturday evening events began with the attendee’s photo taking, Posting of our Flag by a USS Van Voorhis Color Guard, the Pledge of Allegiance and the remembrance table ceremony by Jerry Skorch. As an added touch Andrew Antonucci BMSN, USS Dealey was solicited to piped dinner. Following dinner, Ray Hammock and Bud Harlow of the USS John Willis offered a tribute to our recently deceased shipmate and friend Richard Soltis. Marc Arsenault presented Larry and Brenda Eckard, our reunion coordinators, with memorial silver dollar coins as a token of our appreciation to our working friendship over the last 14 years. Jerry Skorch then presented Barbara Soltis with a personalized framed pastel etching of her and Richard, which he rendered. This evening entertainment consisted of a photo projected shellback presentation, where the ceremony was described in detail and photos of Newport Dealeys Shipmates (Pollywogs) entering the domain of King Neptune, meeting the Royal Court and finally achieving Shellback status, brought many laughs. There were several shipmates at the podium including Admiral Roy Hoffmann providing comments as the photo sequence advanced. Our attendance raffle followed with Al Bardsley, USS Van Voorhis winning the first prize a Newport Dealeys porthole clock.
Our Chaplain Jerry Skorch and Shipmates from the USS Van Voorhis hosted our traditional Sunday morning memorial service where reported deceased shipmates names were read and the bell rung for each. After the service Richard Legg announced that he volunteered to chair our Burlington VT reunion next year. As with past reunions, good bys were difficult and everyone wondered how quickly the four days went by. In parting, everyone agreed that our 2012 reunion in Portland Maine was another successful and memorable one. 
Marc Arsenault


USS Michael Murphy DDG-112
Sail Away Day 5 Sept. 2012.
Leaving the Bath Iron Works for the last time.